kelly.color_.5x7..jpgKelly has been teaching music to individuals of all ages and abilities in group and individual settings since 1998.  Kelly received both her bachelor and master of music degrees from Colorado State University where she studied piano and music therapy.  Kelly founded Foundation Music School, a non-profit community school of the arts in Fort Collins, CO in 2006.  Kelly relocated to Barrington, IL in 2016.  Currently, Kelly is a member of the Fox Hills Music Teacher Associations, is an active accompanist in the Barrington area and teaches private piano lessons.  Kelly is passionate about making music and nurturing the love of music in the students that she works with.  Using a well rounded approach to teaching, Kelly incorporates aural skills, note-reading, theory, technique, improvisation, rhythm work and most importantly FUN into all of her piano lessons.  When Kelly isn’t playing piano or teaching, you can find her enjoying time with her husband and 3 kids.

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